Abundance of Good
Praises for the true, good, beautiful.


This site is a place for the creative writing, artwork, and  photography of people from many different backgrounds. The common thread which runs through all its content is a recognition of the dignity of the human person and his or her need to find truth and goodness through works of beauty: Our natural surroundings, fellow human persons, their works, and the moments which reveal the unseen.

We make it our mission to strike a postive (but not sappy) tone as an alternative to the noise of the trolls and cynics who seem to dominate our current on-line conversation. It's a sort of "drowning evil in an abundance of good."
​​ My name is Mary Warren and I am the Editor of this site. I believe that more than one voice is needed to sing the praises of the abundance of good in our world so I invite writers, photographers, and experts of all sorts to add to this site. 
 You may find a list of contributors here.

Submissions may include essays, short stories, biographical sketches, photo journals, and reviews of books or movies which delight and inspire.

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