A Leap Year Moment : An Abundance of Good

A Leap Year Moment

by An Abundance of Good on 02/25/16

Why launch a website called "Abundance of Good" at the end of a seemingly dreary month? And why hesitate at the month's last days, looking around for an abundance of anything? Let's just get on with spring, right?

Well, today is that well-known extra day of every fourth year which many of us don't notice until we are right on top of its assigned square on the calendar. And although there are superstitions hovering around this bonus day, February 29 is also a day of opportunity: Women may propose marriage to men, "leapers" can celebrate their birthdays with a little more self assurance, and, since March or April or May aren't the ones to grace us with this extra 24 hour period, winter can claim the day as her very own. I'd say that February 29 is a gift for every soul to slow down,  look up, and acknowledge the abundance of winter wonder.

(Winter Wonderful)

Of course, it's hard to get outside when you are concerned with all the crazy things inside. That's why there are gifted people like Sarah Kuzmak Kioko.

Sarah is a musician, artist, and photographer who lives way way out in the woods in a classic A-frame house with her husband and little boys. I found Sarah through the photography she posted on line: http://kuzmakphotographystudio.zenfolio.com/

Sarah has a special knack for capturing those allusive moments of quiet and beauty:

(Yes, a snowflake. Really.)

Colors, textures, creatures, and other unnamed wonders are abundant if you simply look. Sarah's work helps us to look and to contemplate.

That's why she's assigned (officially) to be a regular contributor to Abundance of Good. (See more of Sarah's work at http://kuzmakphotographystudio.zenfolio.com/

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