Lust for Life and Life with Vincent : An Abundance of Good

Lust for Life and Life with Vincent

by An Abundance of Good on 01/08/16

Sadly, I'm on the final pages of "Lust for Life," Irving Stone's story about the life of Vincent van Gogh. Yes, I said "sadly" because I feel as if I'm saying good bye to a wacky, unpredictable friend who might tire me with every encounter, but to whom I'm strangely attached. In fact, now that I know Vincent, I can't live without him.

The end of this sweet film says it for me.

No longer will I sneer at the faded, plastic covered prints of "Starry Night" at the thrift shop or laugh at the polyester "Cafe at Night" curtains discounted on line. People want Vincent. They must have the color and life and unpredictability of his paintings.

Yet, as we all know, he was completely unappreciated in his time.

Which gets me to wondering: Who is unappreciated in her or his time - this time right now? Who has something awesome to give the whole planet but goes unnoticed and maybe even scorned.

I wonder who.

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